Investigative Tools

  • CipherTrace: CipherTrace offers financial investigation and blockchain forensics services to track and analyze cryptocurrency transactions for law enforcement agencies and financial institutions.

  • CipherTrace Inspector™: CipherTrace Inspector™ is a tool developed in partnership with Cellebrite, providing advanced capabilities for investigating cryptocurrency transactions and identifying illicit activities.

  • Cellebrite’s Crypto Solution: Cellebrite’s Crypto solution, powered by CipherTrace, offers comprehensive tools for law enforcement to trace and analyze cryptocurrency transactions efficiently.

  • Maltego: Maltego is a data visualization tool used for tracing transactions through the Bitcoin blockchain, aiding investigators in identifying patterns and connections.

  • Elliptic Investigator: Elliptic Investigator provides tools and services for conducting cryptocurrency investigations, offering insights into illicit activity and compliance risks.

  • Datawalk: Datawalk offers cryptocurrency investigation solutions, leveraging advanced analytics and visualization techniques to uncover illicit activities and financial crime.

  • Chainalysis Reactor: Chainalysis Reactor is a cryptocurrency investigation software that provides law enforcement agencies and financial institutions with the tools to analyze blockchain transactions and identify suspicious behavior.

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